Tax Invoice Template

You can download this tax invoice template free of cost. A tax invoice is a commercial document that will be used while paying tax or claiming an input tax credit on creditable acquisition. Like a general invoice, content on tax invoice will also include tax invoice or invoice. Here we present a tax invoice template for your kind assistance. You can use our tax invoice template to design your own invoice or you can use our template as your own tax invoice just after making necessary changes in its contents. We have prepared this tax invoice template in MS Word 2007. You can freely customize it according to your needs without paying any money for its downloading.

Here we have organized a tax invoice template for you to reduce your efforts when making tax invoices for your respective customers. Whether you are vendor or providing services to your customers as a whole company, when you make a taxable sale, your customers need a tax invoice from you to be able to claim a credit for the general sales tax (GST) in the purchase price. Tax invoice is one of the vital commercial documents prepared and issued by the seller or company to show that how much amount of sales tax has been paid by the customer during the purchase. It may include name of the customer, description of goods or services purchased, percentage of sales tax, total tax paid and full amount paid by the customer as total of the bill etc. Percentage for the sales tax can be different in various countries and states. You can easily generate tax invoice using this tax invoice template available below.

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