Service Agreement Template

Sample Service Agreement Template is added here for you help. An agreement is made between a service provider and customer, which they agree to render any sort of service in exchange to a specific benefit. In such circumstances a Service Agreement is designed containing the specific service provided by them to the customer. If both the concerned parties sign in the agreement it is considered as a legal document. It is also submitted in courts if there is any legal dispute regarding the service. These provisions are most essential and it ensures smooth running or completion of work between both parties. Certain important points must be kept in mind by both parties when they design a service agreement. Contact details, signature of parties, date and location of the work are some of the imperative factors to include in any sort of agreement. These points can avoid disputes rising among customer and service provider and solves any issues in a smooth and trouble free manner.

Service agreement is a document prepared by an individual or a service provider company who agrees to provide services to a customer against money or anything of value under some specified terms and conditions. A service agreement can also be defined as an agreement between parties in which there is a promise or understanding to do something in return for a valuable benefit or money. It may consist of standard details about involved parties, what kind of services to be provided, what compensation is required against services provided, payment terms and other useful details etc. It is a legal way to protect rights and responsibilities of involved parties in the agreement. Service agreement is a legal document and it should include necessary details and information to make it enforceable by law when needed. Service agreement template is something handful which can assist you a lot while writing a service agreement for your business or company.

Free Service Agreement Template:

Free Service Agreement Template is available here to download.

Service Agreement Template

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