Salary Slip Template

Download an editable salary slip template free of cost from here. A salary slip is a business document that is issued by employer to employee. It may be prepared by HR personnel. This document contains detailed record of what an employee has earned, what deductions were made from his earning and what is his current receivable salary after deductions and for what time period. Here we present a salary slip template for your kind assistance. We have prepared this salary slip template in MS Word 2007. All its contents are editable. You can customize this salary slip template according to your needs with much ease. You can get this salary slip template without paying any money for its downloading.

Salary slip is one of the most important personal documents and generally received by the employee along with salary at the end of particular period of time. Salary slip provides an employee details about the salary for the month just like name of the employee, total working hours, overtime duration, total salary, deductions made by the employer in order to settle the account of employee and total paid amount as final salary etc. Banks and other loan providing companies often ask en employee to come with stamped salary slip when he or she want to get loan for personal or professional use. As an employer whether you are running a big company or business with few employees, you must prepare salary slips for all your employees in professional format by means of salary slip template. It is a sample document allowing you to make salary slips professionally on your personal computer. The salary slip template is created in Microsoft excel.

 Here is a preview of this salary slip template.

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