Employment Contract Template

It is mandatory to prepare an employment contact and get it signed by every new employee at the time of employment. It is important to provide legal rights to both employer and employee for future. An employment contract is a document that will contain detailed description of rights and duties of employee and employer. Here we present an employment contract template for your kind assistance. This employment contract template has been created in MS Word 2007. You can use this employment contract template according to your needs or use it in the same form just by making necessary changes like employer name, employee name, date, job description etc.

Employment contract is something in writing that explains relationship between an employee and employer. It is one of the vital business documents usually prepared and signed at the time of new hiring. A detailed employment contract tells the employee his or her job responsibilities and duties under the job title, salary and other benefits offered by the employer and terms & conditions of work within the organization or company etc. Signing an employment contract at the time of hiring is beneficial for both employee and employer because it keeps them away from various misunderstandings and quarrels during the employment. An employment contract must be read and signed by both parties. If you have no idea about how to write a useful employment contact, then feel free to download and use this employment contract template. By editing elements of the employment contract template, one can easily make it suit to business needs. The template is best to use in all older and latest versions of Microsoft word computer program.

Sample Employment Contract Template:

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