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Debit note is a commonly used document in today’s finances and can be made easily using a debit note template. Debit notes are vital commercial documents generally used in business to business transactions to reduce amounts payable to a vendor because you as a purchaser or customer send damaged goods back to the vendor. Debit notes are also used to by customers to return goods on credit and then a vendor or seller issues a credit note to the customer in order to show that goods have been received and you as a customer has no need to pay for them as agreed in the recent invoice. Debit notes can be prepared and issued in several situations to rectify errors as well as to change values in recently made invoices regarding transaction made. For instance, a debit note can be prepared and sent by a purchaser when he realize he is overcharged by the vendor and it is known a professional way to reduce amount payable. It is also prepared by the seller to collect pending payment when he has undercharged the purchaser. You will like credit memo template too.

About Debit note templates:

Purchasing and selling of good is common in this day to day life because we purchase lots of things on daily basis for fulfillment of various personal and professional needs. We often return purchased goods to sellers or vendors due to variety of reasons and debit note is a useful commercial document when it comes to note down returning of goods as well as to settle payment terms as agreed. In simple words, basic purpose of a debit note is to remind that money is due. Debit notes can be prepared in any format such as a letter, card or a revised copy of original invoice etc. An easily editable debit note template is also here for your help to create spotless debit notes. Best credit memo template available here.

Debit notes can play a vital role in rectify errors as well as to settle the payments due between two different parties regarding a previous transaction and must be prepared along with all basic and essential details. Date of debit note, debit note number, brief description of the transaction, reason of the debit note and signature of concerned authority can be basic contents of the debit note. If you still confused about what must be there in a debit note, we suggest you to download and use a debit note template for this purpose and you can find one below the post.

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